Pippali Powder

Pippali Powder

  • Ayurvedic medicine for spleen disorders
  • Improves digestion
  • Makes the teeth stronger
Dosage: 1-3 gm per day with warm water, milk or honey Quantity: 100 Grams

Benefits of Pippali Powder

Promotes weight loss

Contains an active organic compound, peprine, that has antioxidant effects. Boosts metabolism to increase fat burning rate. Helps to eliminate toxins from blood. Prevents absorption of fat from food. Assists in breaking down food for digestion.

Has expectorant qualities
Herbal anti-asthmatic agent. Effectively clears obstruction in the nasal passage. Dilates bronchitis to ease breathing. Helps to release sputum from lungs. Soothes the throat to relieve chronic cough. Reduces fever associated with cold. Rejuvenates the lungs.
Alleviates digestive issues

Natural carminative nature. Assists in breakdown of foods. Promotes bowel movements to release wastes. Treats indigestion by increasing production of digestive enzymes. Curbs intestinal infections to reduce motion frequency. Prevents gas formation in the stomach.


Other Benefits

  • Effectively treats constipation and heartburn
  • Helps to manage menstrual pain
  • Strengthens the gums and teeth
  • Induces good sleep
  • Relieves body pain and inflammation
  • Suppresses hiccups

Why is it a must have?


  The powder contains pure extracts of Pippali plant:
  • Best heart tonic
  • Anti-inflammatory in nature
  • Ayurvedic remedy for enlarged spleen

Precautions to take

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Should not be taken without medical supervision.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
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Trikatu Powder

Trikatu Powder

  • Ayurvedic medicine for respiratory disorders
  • Rejuvenates the liver and spleen
  • Enhances taste and smell
Dosage: 1-3 gms per day with warm water Quantity: 100 Grams

Benefits of Trikatu Powder

Refines blood quality

Naturally boosts lipolysis to assist in weight management. Effectively improves overall stamina. Normalizes secretion of bile to assist in breakdown of fat molecules. Eliminates free radicals in the blood. Flushes out chemicals and pollutants from the tissues. Lowers blood sugars.

Improves gastrointestinal health
Herbal digestion booster. Performs carminative functions. Promotes secretion of stomach enzymes. Stimulates bowel movements. Soothes the stomach lining to decrease mucus production. Prevents cellular damage in hepatic tissues. Used in Ayurvedic treatment of jaundice and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Decongests lungs and nasal passage

Best to treat allergies. Loosens mucus depositions in the lungs. Increases flow of air to lungs. Dilates the bronchial muscles. Stops nasal discharge and sneezing. Eliminates microbial infections from the respiratory tract. Helpful to cure recurrent cold, asthma etc.

Other Benefits

  • Known anti-obesity agent in Ayurveda
  • Enhances skin quality
  • Contributes to immunity
  • Improves metabolism
  • Promotes assimilation of nutrients
  • Relieves musculoskeletal pain and inflammation

Why is it a must have?


Has strong organic compounds. Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar concentration. Improves cognitive capabilities. Eliminates blood toxins. Useful in constipation and skin disorders.


Increases digestion and appetite. Relieves abdominal and stomach pain. Combats bacteria and fungi. Soothes inflamed respiratory tract lining. Reduces risks of cardiovascular disorders.


Curbs symptoms of cold and flu. Enhances brain functions. Lowers blood pressure. Relieves abdominal spasms and irritation. Treats indigestion, flatulence and vomiting.

Precautions to take

  • Keep away from children.
  • To be consumed as per prescribed doses.
  • Keep away from heat, moisture and sunlight.
  • Pregnant women should not consume more than 500mg/day. Lactating mothers shouldn’t exceed 1000mg/day doses.
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