Pippali Powder

Pippali Powder

  • Ayurvedic medicine for spleen disorders
  • Improves digestion
  • Makes the teeth stronger
Dosage: 1-3 gm per day with warm water, milk or honey Quantity: 100 Grams

Benefits of Pippali Powder

Promotes weight loss

Contains an active organic compound, peprine, that has antioxidant effects. Boosts metabolism to increase fat burning rate. Helps to eliminate toxins from blood. Prevents absorption of fat from food. Assists in breaking down food for digestion.

Has expectorant qualities
Herbal anti-asthmatic agent. Effectively clears obstruction in the nasal passage. Dilates bronchitis to ease breathing. Helps to release sputum from lungs. Soothes the throat to relieve chronic cough. Reduces fever associated with cold. Rejuvenates the lungs.
Alleviates digestive issues

Natural carminative nature. Assists in breakdown of foods. Promotes bowel movements to release wastes. Treats indigestion by increasing production of digestive enzymes. Curbs intestinal infections to reduce motion frequency. Prevents gas formation in the stomach.


Other Benefits

  • Effectively treats constipation and heartburn
  • Helps to manage menstrual pain
  • Strengthens the gums and teeth
  • Induces good sleep
  • Relieves body pain and inflammation
  • Suppresses hiccups

Why is it a must have?


  The powder contains pure extracts of Pippali plant:
  • Best heart tonic
  • Anti-inflammatory in nature
  • Ayurvedic remedy for enlarged spleen

Precautions to take

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Should not be taken without medical supervision.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
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Punarnava Powder

Punarnava Powder

  • Useful as a diuretic
  • Ayurvedic medicine for kidney
  • Maintains reproductive health
Dosage: One teaspoon in a glass of water, twice a day after meals. Quantity: 100 Grams

Benefits of Punarnava

Sheds excess fat

Performs mild laxative functions. Corrects body’s carbohydrate metabolism to prevent weight gain. Increases oxidation of cholesterol molecules to break down dense fat. Reduces absorption of oil or fat from food. Flushes out toxins. Eases excretion of wastes from intestines.

Supports liver functions

Contains vital compounds like oleanolic acid, liriodendron and iron that protect liver cells from damage. Neutralizes free radicals to reduce cellular damage. Reduces inflammation of hepatic soft tissues. Stimulates production of digestive enzymes. Enhances absorption of nutrients from digested food.

Prevents urinary tract disorders

Antimicrobial and antispasmodic in nature. Soothes the lining of the urinary tract. Keeps a check on uric acid concentration. Its antioxidants enhance filtration of toxins in kidneys. Used in ayurveda for kidney disorders like UTIs, calculi and painful urination.

Other benefits

  • Good for the eyes
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Manages bronchial asthma
  • Helpful in rheumatoid arthritis
  • Effective in anemia
  • Can treat sexual disorders like impotence


Each teaspoon of Punarnava powder contains natural Punarnava extracts
  • Regulates blood circulation
  • Strengthens muscles to increase strength
  • Increases appetite and improves digestion

Precautions to Take

  • Strictly follow mentioned dosage. Do not overdose.
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do not consume on an empty stomach
  • Can create a sensation of burning or choking in the throat if taken without water
  • For best results, stay on a plant-based diet. Consume less non-vegetarian and dairy products.
  • Not to be consumed by pregnant and lactating women
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Rasnadi Kashayam

Rasnadi (S) kashayam - 100 Tablets

  • Treats rheumatic arthritis
  • Eases joint stiffness
  • Reduces general bodyache
Dosage:  1-2 tablets twice a day before meals. Quantity: 100 Tablets

Works Best For

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Liver Health

Benefits of Rasnadi Kashayam Tablets

Strengthens musculoskeletal structures

Highly beneficial for pain in the hips, legs, back and feet. Protects joints and cartilages from toxins. Inhibits action of inflammation-causing enzymes. Regulates immune system activity. Speeds up repair of inflamed tissues. Lowers uric acid.

Enhances metabolism
Has carminative functions. Increases secretion of digestive enzymes. Soothes the GI tract lining. Flushes out toxins from the hepatic cells. Regulates production of stomach acid. Helps to correct bowel movements.
Alleviates respiratory disorders

Relaxes the respiratory tract muscles. Clears the throat and chest. Regulates body temperature. Fights off bacteria and viruses. Reduces mucus production in the bronchial muscles.


Other Benefits

  • Pacifies excess Vata
  • Relieves general fatigue
  • Contributes to immunity
  • Reduces joint pain and swelling
  • Assists sciatica and myalgia treatment
  • Alleviates rheumatoid and osteoarthritis

Main Ingredients


A strong but effective herb for all kinds of inflammatory conditions. Rasna is Ayurveda’s go-to remedy to soothe the irritated soft tissues and bring back your joint strength. It can also help with kidney diseases.


This herb can touch your health from many corners - including hair, gut and liver. It fuels your digestion, strengthens your hair and dissolves kidney stones. And if you’re a Diabetic with urinary issues - this is the sureshot remedy for you.


Respiratory issues can have no chance against this herb! Agaru clears the nasal passages and releases excess sputum from the lungs. It increases your core strength to boost appetite and physical energy too.

Probable side effects of Rasnadi Kashayam Tablets

  • Keep away from children.
  • Overdose can lead to gastric irritation, nausea and abdominal pain.
  • May cause adverse effects for pregnant or lactating women.
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Trikatu Powder

Trikatu Powder

  • Ayurvedic medicine for respiratory disorders
  • Rejuvenates the liver and spleen
  • Enhances taste and smell
Dosage: 1-3 gms per day with warm water Quantity: 100 Grams

Benefits of Trikatu Powder

Refines blood quality

Naturally boosts lipolysis to assist in weight management. Effectively improves overall stamina. Normalizes secretion of bile to assist in breakdown of fat molecules. Eliminates free radicals in the blood. Flushes out chemicals and pollutants from the tissues. Lowers blood sugars.

Improves gastrointestinal health
Herbal digestion booster. Performs carminative functions. Promotes secretion of stomach enzymes. Stimulates bowel movements. Soothes the stomach lining to decrease mucus production. Prevents cellular damage in hepatic tissues. Used in Ayurvedic treatment of jaundice and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Decongests lungs and nasal passage

Best to treat allergies. Loosens mucus depositions in the lungs. Increases flow of air to lungs. Dilates the bronchial muscles. Stops nasal discharge and sneezing. Eliminates microbial infections from the respiratory tract. Helpful to cure recurrent cold, asthma etc.

Other Benefits

  • Known anti-obesity agent in Ayurveda
  • Enhances skin quality
  • Contributes to immunity
  • Improves metabolism
  • Promotes assimilation of nutrients
  • Relieves musculoskeletal pain and inflammation

Why is it a must have?


Has strong organic compounds. Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar concentration. Improves cognitive capabilities. Eliminates blood toxins. Useful in constipation and skin disorders.


Increases digestion and appetite. Relieves abdominal and stomach pain. Combats bacteria and fungi. Soothes inflamed respiratory tract lining. Reduces risks of cardiovascular disorders.


Curbs symptoms of cold and flu. Enhances brain functions. Lowers blood pressure. Relieves abdominal spasms and irritation. Treats indigestion, flatulence and vomiting.

Precautions to take

  • Keep away from children.
  • To be consumed as per prescribed doses.
  • Keep away from heat, moisture and sunlight.
  • Pregnant women should not consume more than 500mg/day. Lactating mothers shouldn’t exceed 1000mg/day doses.
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Triphala Capsules
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Relieves constipation
  • Cleanses toxins from body
Dossage : 2 Capsules twice daily with warm water. Quantity : 60 Capsules Course Period : 15 days
Good eye tonic

Has ocular enhancing properties. Sharpens eyesight. Moisturises eye lens and keeps them clear. Prevents severe eye diseases like cataract and glaucoma occur due to old age. May also be used as a rejuvenating eye wash as per doctor’s advice.

Treats pre-diabetes and obesity
Proactively lowers blood sugar level. Improves insulin resistance in the cells to enhance sugar metabolism. Prevents issues of high cholesterol and nerve damage created by diabetes. Increases fat dissolution around waist, hip and thighs. Releases unwanted toxins from the body.
Enhances mental health
Rejuvenates every organ system to promote overall well being. Performs adaptogenic activities by enhancing the body's ability to cope with stress, anxiety and insomnia. Protects the nerve cells from damage and enhances their functions by providing essential nutrients.

Other Benefits

  • Promotes digestion and regulates cholesterol
  • Anti oxidant properties

Why is it a must have?

A natural astringent. Has six kinds of phytochemicals. It fights off infections in the body. Also helps to rejuvenate the nerves and muscles.
Has antimicrobial properties. Naturally regulates blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Gradually cleanses all toxins. Eliminates uric acid from the blood.
Amalaki Enhances the digestion process and maintains the metabolism at optimal state. Rich source of Vitamin C that improves immunity, skin and hair quality.

Precautions to take

  • Strictly follow mentioned dosage. Do not overdose.
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • For best results, stay on a plant-based diet.
  • Not to be consumed by pregnant or lactating women.
  • Can lower the blood sugar levels drastically in Diabetes patients.
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Triphala Powder

Triphala Powder

  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • Useful in Constipation & Digestion
  • Nourishes Skin and Hair Cells

Dosage: 3 to 6 gms once or twice daily with warm water

Quantity: 100 Grams

Enhances gastrointestinal health

Ayurveda strongly recommends Triphala churna for constipation. It is charged with natural antioxidants. Eliminates microbial infections. Rejuvenates the GI soft tissues. Tones abdominal muscles. Transports nutrients to all parts of the body. Regularizes bowel movements. Good for ulcerative colitis and IBS

Maintains healthy body weight

There are many reasons why you should try Triphala churna for weight loss. It’s a renowned colon cleanser. Eliminates free radicals from blood. Increases breakdown of fat molecules. Lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Inhibits absorption of fats from digested foods.

Makes hair long and strong

Not many know that you can use Triphala churna for hair troubles too! It eliminates dandruff growth. Soothes the inflamed hair follicles. Increases growth of new hair follicles. Sustains the normal pH of the scalp.

Other Benefits

  • Anti-Inflammatory properties
  • Can be useful against Skin Problems
  • Can be useful for Eyes Issues
  • Can be useful for PCOS
  • Can be useful against Diabetes
  • Can be useful against Certain Cancers
  • Can be useful against Dental Disease & Cavities

Why is it a must have?

A natural astringent. Has six kinds of phytochemicals. It fights off infections in the body. Also helps to rejuvenate the nerves and muscles.
Has antimicrobial properties. Naturally regulates blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Gradually cleanses all toxins. Eliminates uric acid from the blood.
Amalaki Enhances the digestion process and maintains the metabolism at optimal state. Rich source of Vitamin C that improves immunity, skin and hair quality.

How to use Triphala Churana?

  • Triphala Paste: Mix equal amounts of powder with coconut oil or water to make a paste. Apply on affected skin areas. Wash with warm water when dry. For teeth, apply its paste with water directly on teeth and gums.
  • Triphala Decoction: The use of Triphala churna in a decoction is also very effective. Mix prescribed amounts of powder in water. Boil and let it rest. Filter in a vessel. You can use it as tea, hair wash or scalp cleanser.
  • Triphala-Honey Mix: You can also make use of Triphala powder with honey. Consume its paste anytime during the day. If you are not a big fan of honey, you can consume Triphala churna and jaggery for hair and stomach troubles.
  • Triphala-Milk Beverage: This combination increases the laxative and invigorating effects of the herb. Warm a glass of milk and mix the powder. Sip it hot to make the best of Triphala powder!

Precautions to take

  • Strictly follow mentioned dosage. Do not overdose.
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • For best results, stay on a plant-based diet.
  • Not to be consumed by pregnant or lactating women.
  • Can lower the blood sugar levels drastically in Diabetes patients.
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Tulasi Powder

Tulasi Powder

  • Improves neural connections
  • Improves respiratory functions
  • Ayurvedic medicine for metabolism
Dosage: 1-1.5 gms per day with honey Quantity: 100 Grams

Benefits of Tulasi Powder

Treats cold, flu and allergies

Herbal immunomodulator. Soothes the respiratory tract lining to increase airflow to lungs. Eliminates bacteria, viruses and fungi. Regulates body temperature by increasing perspiration. Effectively decongests lungs. Stops nasal discharge. Improves liver health.

Improves skin and hair texture
Has natural antioxidants. Repository of organic bioactive compounds that stimulate cell and follicle regeneration. Fades out blemishes and dark spots. Makes the hair long and strong. Improves skin quality. Lowers blood sugar and cholesterol concentration.
Improves cognitive capabilities
Best adaptogen known in Ayurveda. Prevents release of cortisol in the blood. Nourishes the neurons. Promotes good sleep. Eliminates free radicals from the body. Enhances memory, focus and thinking capability. Used in Ayurvedic treatment for stress and anxiety.

Other Benefits

  • Eliminates infection-causing pathogens
  • Facilitates blood flow
  • Dissolves calculi
  • Lowers blood sugar levels
  • Relieves fever and sore throat
  • Assists in maintaining healthy weight

Why is it a must have?


Each spoonful of powder contains pure Tulasi plant extracts:
  • Boosts immune response
  • Nourishes the body tissues
  • Alleviates pain and inflammation

Precautions to take

  • Keep away from children.
  • To be taken as per prescribed doses.
  • Keep away from heat, moisture and sunlight.
  • Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.
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Turmeric Powder

Turmeric Powder - 100 Gms

  • Treats respiratory and stomach disorders
  • Supports liver and heart functions
  • Ayurvedic medicine for Diabetes management
Dosage: 3-6 gms per day with warm milk or water. Apply its paste with honey on injured skin. Quantity: 100 Grams

Benefits of Turmeric Powder

Natural anti-inflammatory agent

This is a sureshot Ayurvedic treatment for all kinds of inflammatory conditions like arthritis, allergies, skin infection etc. Prevents irritation of soft tissues by toxins. Relaxes the dilated muscles to ease pain. Lowers uric acid concentration. Optimizes full body functions.

Purifies the blood
Neutralizes free radicals in the blood. Lowers concentration of blood sugars and cholesterol. Eliminates infection-causing agents like bacteria and fungi. Reduces blood thickness to facilitate circulation. Regulates thyroid gland functions.
Promotes skin health

Speeds up repair of damaged skin tissues. Nourishes the cells to bring out natural glow. Regulates facial oil production. Unclogs skin pores to prevent acne outbreaks. Lightens skin tone. Removes pigmentation and blemishes.


Other Benefits

  • Relieves arthritis symptoms
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Improves cognitive capability
  • Produces anti-cancer effect
  • Alleviates mental strain
  • Strengthens gums and teeth

Main Ingredients


One of the most praised antioxidant remedies in Ayurveda, Turmeric with Curcumin is a must-have for everyone. It promotes longevity by enhancing biological functions. It can act as a strong antispasmodic and anti-microbial agent to improve your sexual well-being. Most of all, it is a great flavor enhancer for your daily cooking!

Probable side effects of Turmeric powder

  • Overdose may cause stomach irritation, nausea and loose motions.
  • Keep away from children.
  • High doses may have adverse effects on pregnant or lactating women.
  • Can interact with blood-clotting medicines like, ibuprofen and aspirin.
  • May lower blood sugar levels. Diabetics should use caution.
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Zeotone Capsules

Zeotone Soft Gel

  • Ayurvedic medicine for osteoarthritis
  • Heals damaged cartilage tissues
  • Increases viscosity of joint fluids
Dosage: 1 capsule two times a day before meals Quantity: 100 Capsules

Works Best For

  • Osteoporosis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Gout

Benefits of Zeotone

Reinforces strength of connective tissues

Contains organic minerals that nourish joint muscles and bones. Effectively eliminates inflammation-causing toxins from the blood. Supplements body’s zinc requirements to assist in Ayurvedic treatment of osteoporosis. Improves joint mobility and muscle power. Reduces cortisol production to slow down degradation.

Promotes weight loss
Herbal metabolism booster. Inhibits assimilation of fats in the body. Promotes dissolution of fat depositions. Lowers bad cholesterol levels. Helps to generate HDL cholesterol molecules. Naturally energizes the body by converting fats to simpler compounds. Supports spleen functions.
Refines blood quality

Best anti-microbial and anti-diabetic medicine. Purifies the blood of toxins, including chemicals, pollutants etc. Lowers high uric acid levels. Stimulates production of haemoglobin. Strengthens arterial walls to ease blood flow.


Other Benefits

  • Boosts overall immunity
  • Repairs damaged cartilage tissues
  • Reverses joint degradation
  • Increases digestive capacity
  • Enhances respiratory health
  • Improves reproductive system functions

Why is it a must have?

Sesame Oil

Well known anti-inflammatory agent in Ayurveda. Improves joint mobility. Nourishes inflamed cartilage cells. Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar concentration. Combats microbes. Reduces stiffness.


Lowers triglyceride and lipid levels. Enhances digestion. Treats musculoskeletal pain. Prevents irritation of cartilages. Useful to treat asthma and allergies.


Has diuretic property. Improves strength and stamina. Promotes weight loss. Lowers blood sugar concentration. Has mild aphrodisiac effects. Reduces high blood pressure.


Other ingredients

  • Vilwa
  • Shyonaka
  • Agnimantha
  • Kasmari
  • Patala
  • Yava
  • Kola
  • Kulattha
  • Paya
  • Daru
  • Tagara
  • Yashti
  • Rasa
  • Mashaparni
  • Mudgaparni
  • Kalanusari
  • Vari
  • Ksheerasukla
  • Ashwagandha
  • Satahwa
  • Saindhava

Precautions to take

  • To be used as per prescribed dose.
  • Keep away from children
  • Not to be taken on an empty stomach.
  • Consume a plant-based diet to get best results.
  • Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.
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