Hi there, welcome to Healthy Ayurveda.

Here you will find Ayurvedic health products, medicine and guidance on how to live a more nourishing, healthy, more aware and more connected life, in line with nature.

Who am I?

My name is Vani and after almost 30 years as an Ayurveda Consultant Practitioner and Ayurveda Master Trainer, I’ve been searching for best quality suppliments and traditional Ayurvedic Products for many years. I’m thrilled that alongside my husband Steve we have sourced a tried and tested range of products that will surely benefit you on your health journey.

There is a range of products that are made here in the UK which make up the majority of the suppliments, and other products that we bring in directly from India which are traditional ayurvedic medications.

I have made this specifically tailored website to provide you with all your Ayurvedic health solutions. Thank you for choosing us to accompany you on your Ayurvedic health journey.